Handcrafted silver jewellery for the busy woman
who requires unique and special jewellery for every
occasion and as gifts.
Trisha ~ Argent Angel Owner

Making Jewellery for You

Have you ever struggled to find jewellery that “fits” you? That goes with who you are, what you want, what you are doing right now and where you are heading?

For years I looked for jewellery that was different from the usual run-of-the-mill High Street offerings and that “spoke” to me on an individual level. I rarely found anything which delighted and resonated with me and was left frustrated and empty handed.

I have always loved silver, so when a silversmithing course was offered where I live, near to Southend-On-Sea, I jumped at the opportunity to learn how to make my own jewellery. 
I was smitten at once and eventually went on to make other styles of jewellery before settling on Chain Maille in sterling silver and Fine Silver jewellery using silver clay.

Silver clay is very versatile, and I undertook several courses as well as Diploma Levels 1 & 2 to learn as much as I could and to develop my style.

Chain maille addresses the need for beautiful and unusual pieces of jewellery which can range from office and everyday wear to glamorous party pieces, incorporating pearls, gemstones and Swarovski crystal. 

Silver clay has a more artisan and organic appeal. It too incorporates both plain and simple pieces and also more intricate and eye-catching pieces offering something suitable for every occasion.

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