Making jewellery for you

What your support means to us

Everyone who buys our jewellery will receive a beautiful and unusual piece worthy of its place in their jewellery box.

Trisha ~ Argent Angel CEO

Before I created Argent Angel, I could rarely find jewellery that was different. All of the well-known High Street jewellery shops were selling the same items of jewellery as each other.

I decided to make my own jewellery and, as well as teaching myself new skills, I attended various jewellery making courses to increase my expertise.

I wanted my jewellery to be different.

 I was concerned …

…that as every item is individually handcrafted by me, I would not be able to compete with the cheaper High Street jewellery. Then I realised that I am not alone in wanting jewellery that is special and not readily available elsewhere.
I set out to create beautiful pieces for people who, like me,  want jewellery as unique and special as they are.

It turns out …

…it was more difficult than I ever imagined.
As an unknown jeweller I had to build my reputation and prove myself worthy and reliable.  I also had to develop my own ideas and designs.

At first I was afraid …

…that nobody would like my creations or, if they did, be reluctant to buy from me as a newcomer. However, I received so may lovely comments and so much encouragement that I kept calm and carried on!

I encourage my lovely VIPs …

..to give me feedback about my jewellery and I also attend many craft events to see my new friends face-to-face.
I listen to what you are looking for in a piece of jewellery and then produce new products based on what you want.

The best part?

I am motivated by the positive comments I have received and continue to make jewellery that I love ~ and that you seem to love too!
I am always interested in hearing what you, my VIPs, have to say and in providing the jewellery that you want. So, if there is something you would like that is not already in my range, drop me a line and let me know. The thing I love best after making jewellery is talking about it and I always love hearing from you – after all, you are the reason I am here.